Etihad Airlines Illustrations

In 2018 i was requested in London to create several illustrations for several videos for their client Etihad, the main goal of this project was to create assets and direction, having that in mind i procees to do some tests and create different scenarios and illustrations using several elements. At the end they chose 2 style for the communication. Unfortunately, i can share some of the process and some illustrration of the beggining phase before inhouse production.

Style 01.

For this style i wanted to give a different look to what i normally treat my illustrations, i wanted to emphasis better on the personality of each character using the same mold. For this illustrations we didnt had much time but we had a lot of freedom to play with the illustrations. It was fun to play with different colors, and situations that could help giving more life to our characters.

Style 02.

In this Illustrations we had to work on some animations for internal communication, we wanted to create several pieces and animations using same molds without having to change a lot the riggs of our characters. We knew thart because the demand of our client was to create fast videos in less time we had to develop a easy style without losing quality. Here are some examples.