In 2018 Assembly Studios un London reached me to work on some explanatory videos and illustrations for ENEC in AbuDhabi. Our Main goal was to create as many videos as possible to explain the process ENEC uses for Fuel, Energy, and all the services they have. Assembly Studio was working already with them so i helped with the process of elaborating and creating more graphics to keep posting content.

What is ENEC?

A digital repositioning of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation to help educate and pave the way for the UAE’s nuclear energy programme.


Illustration Phase

During this phase we had to take several desicions as our main goal was to create several videos in not so much time, we knew that we wanted to personalize our work giving more details. Therefore we decided to go with a 2D flat design look, we passed through a process where we had to decide the look our our characters and environments where we had to go from a lot of details to a more generic style. It was a phase of lot of experimentation.

Final Scenes:


Client: ENEC

Studio: Assembly Studios

Art Direction: Eduardo Marin and Jon Digby

Illustration : Marika Graczyk and Eduardo Marin

Animation: Eduardo Marin